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IRS Tax Attorney

When faced with a collections notice from the Internal Revenue Service or a related issue, you may be unsure who to trust to advise you on how to protect what you have built for yourself and those you love. Trying to answer any allegations made by the IRS against you can be ineffective without an attorney by your side. This agency is well-known for using internal bureaucratic policy and language to make fighting against their actions impossible.


The good news is that reaching a settlement that doesn't force you into financial hardship or successfully contesting allegations against you is possible. At Perez-Roura Law, we have years of experience as IRS tax attorneys handling complicated issues that can arise when failing to file on time or trying to overcome significant tax debt. With us on your side, you can be sure that your tax issue gets resolved once and for all so you can continue building the life you want for yourself and your loved ones.

Put a Stop to the Anxiety and Fear and Handle Your Tax Issues

If you deal with constant phone calls and threatening letters from the IRS regarding your tax issue, you don't have to face this situation alone. With seasoned legal representation, you may be able to take advantage of tax relief options made available by the government for those in your position.


Because these programs rely on numerous tax laws and statutes as well as court rulings, working with a knowledgeable tax relief attorney like those at Perez-Roura Law can ensure every option is on the table to help you resolve the issues you're facing. Currently, the average debt owed to the IRS by someone owing back taxes exceeds $10,000. This level of financial strain has cost families years of stress and worry (and definitely lots of money) when not represented by a highly trained lawyer practicing this area of law. 


Many of the tax problems our firm assists with include: 


  • Wage garnishments and liens

  • Bank levies

  • Tax bill disputes and errors

  • An incorrect or otherwise disputed tax bill

  • Losing your federal job or contract because of unpaid taxes

  • Penalties and interests​

  • Tax fraud allegations


At Perez-Roura Law, we help clients facing tax issues from every walk of life. From truck drivers to independent contractors and small business owners, we are here to protect what you have built for yourself and those you love. You are taking the first step in substantially reducing your tax debt and finding relief from the IRS from the moment you call us. Unlike tax relief companies who don't have many of the legal inroads we do to assist you, our attorneys don't use a one-size-fits-all approach when finding a solution to your tax issues.


From establishing a non-collectible status to set up a payment plan or lien removal, we will find a resolution that fits your unique legal situation.

What are your options?

Perez-Roura Law specializes in developing strategies to deal with tax problems. Our legal team knows how to navigate the complex bureaucracy that is the IRS and we can put that to work for you. 

Our tax attorneys use many of the following options to solve tax problems:


You can pay the IRS less than what you owe. The offer is made based upon your current income, expenses, and assets as well as the IRS' collections rules. Not everyone qualifies. But, with some help and planning, you might be able to settle your IRS tax debt for less than what you owe.

a document titled Offer in Compromise

Installment Agreement

The IRS wants to collect everything all at once. You don't always have to pay all at once. We can help you qualify for an Installment Agreement allowing you to make monthly payments. The IRS has rules governing how much you pay. We can help you qualify for a low monthly payment so you have the flexibility to pay off your tax debt over time.


IRS Penalty Relief

Nearly every tax problem is made worse because of IRS penalties. The IRS uses penalties to "encourage voluntary compliance" but they really feel like a kick to the throat. Not only do the penalties make the problem worse, but the IRS also charges interest on the penalties. But, there are ways to get penalties removed. We are skilled a getting penalties removed by understanding the IRS' own rules regaring penalties.

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IRS Appeals

Many of our clients come to us after the IRS has rejected some kind of relief. Sometimes, it is after an audit. Other times, after the person requested penalty relief. Either way, getting rejected by the IRS means you either accept defeat or appeal the IRS' decision.

Taking an appeal with the IRS requires knowledge of the IRS' rules and the skills of a trained advocate. Let us put our years of experience to work for you.

a document titled Collection Appeal Request

Why You Should Hire a Tax Attorney When Facing IRS Problems

When facing the stress and pressure of an IRS audit or significant tax burden, it may be tempting to call a tax relief company advertising on your tv or radio. Unfortunately, while they do have programs available to assist you, they are for-profit organizations that often charge hefty fees for the same “cookie cutter” plan they use for everyone else. Many of them simply do not know (or cannot do) the things you can do to help get you the best result possible.


This is why you need an IRS tax attorney. Why should you pay more to the IRS than you are legally required to or miss out on programs that can further reduce your liability? In addition, by choosing our law practice to represent you, you will also enjoy the important benefit of attorney-client privilege. This allows you to openly discuss your tax issues with one of our skilled lawyers without worry they will testify against you.

How Perez-Roura Law Can Help Your IRS Tax Issue

You have probably realized that the IRS tax issue you're facing isn't going away and the longer you postpone dealing with it, the more complicated it becomes. The worry that you could lose a significant portion of your financial assets  - that you have worked years to build for yourself and your loved ones - is a serious risk that is avoidable by consulting with a seasoned tax attorney sooner than later.


The attorneys of Perez-Roura Law can help in several ways, including:


  • Providing the highest commitment to the urgency and satisfaction of your IRS tax problem.

  • Service options that are flexible and affordable according to your situation.

  • Customizable tax issue solutions that fit your unique IRS tax situation.

  • Speaking to the IRS on your behalf so you don’t have to anymore.


We want to encourage you to take your federal tax issues seriously and know that our expertise and successful track record in these matters will help your situation immensely. The complex nature of the IRS tax code and laws governing it is undeniably intimidating. You can't afford to get inaccurate legal advice or substandard representation. Instead, trust Perez-Roura Law to handle communications about your tax problem on your behalf and put your case in a more favorable position.

Reach Out to the IRS Tax Attorneys at Perez-Roura Law Today

Federal tax laws are constantly changing, especially when a new administration is in office. As a result, it takes more than an accountant to understand the full scope of your tax liabilities, especially in planning your Florida estate. Perez-Roura Law has the estate tax lawyers you need to help you identify all legal avenues available to help minimize taxation your loved ones and beneficiaries will be liable for after you die.


When you are facing potential tax issues that could jeopardize your livelihood, trust Perez-Roura Law to assist you. Our years of experience navigating the complexities of the tax code at all levels of government, including on the international stage, will prove invaluable when struggling to resolve an IRS tax matter. Our attorneys are standing by to help you through this stressful time in your life.


Contact Perez-Roura Law today and begin the process of retaking control of your life and putting a stop to IRS collections and court actions against you.

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