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Florida Elder and Special Needs Planning Attorneys

Florida Elder and Special Needs Planning Attorneys

As we age, the impact on our ability to manage our physical, emotional, and financial needs can lead to the need for dedicated care. Unlike an estate planning attorney, those who specialize in elder law can assist in preserving our assets and property during this stage in our lives. Still, these two areas of law complement one another because they ensure the financial demands of long-term care are met. 

Working with a qualified Florida elder law attorney is a critical step in ensuring that management of our estates, medical needs, and other legal aspects of aging get addressed appropriately. Perez-Roura Law has years of experience in these legal matters. Our legal team has exceptional skills in helping individuals and families with their elder and special needs planning. Whether you are considering retiring in the near future or have a parent requiring guardianship, we offer sound guidance that maintains dignity and compassion throughout the process.

What Legal Matters Does Elder Law Address in Florida?

Elder law is a broad legal area that addresses numerous issues that the elderly and those with special needs face throughout their lives. Attorneys who specialize in this field have a strong combination of experience, knowledge, and training to represent their clients. Florida is frequently updating and adding new laws that impact the long-term care of seniors and dependent loved ones, so you must choose a lawyer with a proven successful case record representing related legal matters. 

At Perez-Roura law, we offer comprehensive planning for aging and incapacity that includes:

  • Advance directives

  • Lifetime planning

  • Power of attorney

  • Fiduciary representation

  • Financial planning

  • Government benefit eligibility planning for Medicaid, Medicare, and VA benefits

  • Housing financing

  • Retirement planning

  • Gifting of assets 

  • Disability planning for a disabled loved without jeopardizing their public benefits

Our in-depth knowledge of legal matters involving elder law means you get tailored solutions for your needs. 

Why You Need an Attorney that Specializes in Florida Elder Law

As reputable Florida elder law attorneys, Perez-Roura Law can help you or a senior family member protect their legal rights and finances when creating a way to afford needed long-term care. We make it possible to avoid potentially thousands of dollars in lost money on legal headaches related to Medicaid eligibility and tax liabilities. 

As an estate planning and elder law firm, we take a comprehensive approach to finding solutions that could include:

a photo of a person's hands surrounding a small house and stacks of coins. the photo suggests the person is protecting their house and money

Asset Protection Strategies

Throughout your lifetime, you will likely accrue a significant amount of assets. This could include insurance policies, investment funds, pensions, real estate, and more. While having these financial resources available is helpful, government programs like Medicaid have limits on assets. To avoid risking your eligibility, our attorneys can help you determine the best way to protect your assets without sacrificing these resources you worked so hard to earn. 

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Long-term Care Planning Services

Florida state benefits and Medicaid are key components for most retirement planning strategies.


Ensure that you qualify for these public programs and have put in place the type of care you want for your golden years means you maintain your dignity and have less to worry about later. 

a photo of a person signing documents and a lawyer helping describe the documents

Military Benefit Planning

Service members who dedicated their service to this country deserve to maximize their veteran benefits. Our firm can review your countable assets and determine your current qualifications for this assistance and how we can further protect your property from eligibility restrictions. 

Perez-Roura Law invites you to sit down with one of our talented long-term planning attorneys to assess your current finances and goals for retirement and beyond. We can help you create a better financial situation that will provide practical solutions that you and your family can rely on in the future. 

Special Needs Planning for Florida Families

If you have a vulnerable family member who has special needs and receives public assistance, you may be unsure how you can continue to support them without jeopardizing their eligibility. With a properly drafted special needs trust, we can help you make it clear it is only to benefit your loved one without interfering with their government benefits. This is usually done by giving the trustee the ability to distribute this income in a supplemental manner and not replace current funds allocated by the state of Florida. For example, a trust would not use any of its assets to pay for shelter or food benefits paid by Medicaid. 

If you are considering this type of trust, speak with the knowledgeable attorneys of Perez-Roura Law. State law puts a significant amount of responsibility on those designated to administer a trust. If funds are misspent, your loved one with special needs could have their public benefit reduced or withdrawn.

We can also help make sure that income tax related to these types of trusts is properly handled since the beneficiary would be liable to pay this obligation. Florida requires tax to be paid on all income from special needs trusts, regardless if distributed or not. 

Speak with Qualified Florida Elder and Special Needs Planning Attorneys

Perez-Roura Law is dedicated to helping families protect their vulnerable loved ones and plan for their own long-term care needs. Our firm understands the concerns you are grappling with when a family member becomes unable to care for themselves o0n their own. You may be unsure how you can take care of their ongoing medical care and its costs. Worse, how can you preserve their assets so that state programs like Medicaid do not take a large portion?

We are here to help you face life's biggest challenges and prepare for those yet to come. As your dedicated attorneys, we make it our mission to find smart solutions to the legal aspects of elder law that average estate attorneys might not understand. Being able to provide for the ones you love is a passion we share with our clients. Contact our office today and schedule a free consultation to learn about the many options we have available for retirees and those needing special care in Florida. 

Local Elder Law Attorneys Near You - Expert Guidance in Florida

Need expert elder law advice near to your location? Perez-Roura Law offers dedicated legal services for elder and special needs planning in Florida. Our local team excels in asset protection, long-term care planning, and special needs trusts. We're here to provide personalized, accessible legal support to safeguard your family's future. Reach out for local expertise in elder law.

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