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As the owner of real estate (often referred to as real property under Florida real estate law), you have many duties and responsibilities. Among your responsibilities is planning for the future – and sometimes that means planning for the days after you’re gone.

With real estate planning, it is possible to make an estate plan that takes your real property into account for the days ahead. Failure to establish estate plans that care for your real estate property could result in that real property ending up in complex probate litigation. The last thing you want after you pass away is for there to be confusion and disputes about the ownership of the property and assets you leave behind. And because none of us know what the future holds, it is important to begin drafting your estate plan sooner rather than later so that the future of your family and your property is protected.

It is considered unwise to engage in real estate planning without professional legal counsel. There are many rules, steps, and forms to consider when doing real estate planning. If even the smallest error were to find its way into your estate plan, it is possible that all your careful real estate planning may be for naught. Don’t take that risk. Reach out to an experienced real estate planning lawyer today.

At our law firm, our legal team has years of experience representing clients in both estate plan legal matters and real estate law. Put those two together, and you have a law firm that is fully capable of assisting you with your real estate planning matters. Led by attorney Pedro Armando Perez-Roura, our compassionate legal staff prides itself on being available to our clients whenever they need us with fast response times and compassionate legal services. Our firm offers free case evaluations to prospective new clients interested in the services of a real estate law attorney. To learn more, please contact our Miami law office to schedule your free initial consultation.

What is Real Estate Planning?

Death is a difficult subject to think about, and planning for our own deaths can be a morbid undertaking. It is necessary, however, especially if we wish to avoid complications and costly probate for our loved ones after we are gone.

It is crucial that you fulfill your estate planning needs before it is too late. Remember, it’s never too early to begin drafting your estate plan, but there is such a thing as waiting too long. The longer you wait, the more risks you take. Someday, you may become too old or maybe even incapacitated, and even if you did draft a will at that time, your will could be called into question due to a lack of mental capacity.

With real estate planning, you can plan for the future by including your real property in your will, trust, or other estate plan document. To learn more about real estate planning and how it could benefit your needs, please contact our law firm for a free case review.

Do You Need a Lawyer for the Real Estate Planning Process?

Under Florida law, you are not required to retain professional legal representation for your real estate planning needs. However, it is nonetheless recommended that you do so because of the importance of getting it right.

There are many forms and documents included in real estate planning, and they must be completed and filed properly. Failure to fill out or submit an estate plan document according to Florida State law may result in that document being rendered invalid. Because of the crucial nature of estate planning, you need these legal issues to be settled while you are still alive. If errors are discovered in your estate plan after death, it could lead to litigation and a great deal of heartache as family members potentially turn on each other during the probate process.

Secure your family’s future today. Contact us to schedule your free case evaluation, wherein we will discuss your unique legal needs.

What Real Estate Planning Legal Services Does Our Law Firm Offer?

As your real estate planning attorney, Pedro Armando Perez-Roura and his highly skilled legal team can assist you with several types of legal matters.

These include:

  • Considering legal options for avoiding the probate process.
  •  Construction contracts and development.
  •  Creating advanced healthcare directives.
  • Determining power of attorney.
  • Draft and review your last will and testament.
  • Helping you name and categorize your beneficiaries.
  • Mortgage-based financing transactions.
  • Real estate property closings. Real estate sales and purchases.
  • Residential and commercial leases.
  • Review your options in terms of what kind of trust may benefit your needs.
  • Working with your financial advisor for tax planning.

When you contact our law offices for your free consultation, we can review your unique case to determine what sort of real estate planning is most suitable for your personal needs. Please speak to our law firm today to learn more.

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Real estate planning is vital if you are a homeowner or own any other real property or investments in property. In the unfortunate event of your death, there will be questions about how to pass on your real property to your family, partners, or other beneficiaries. Settle those questions now, before it is too late.

Perez-Roura Law has extensive experience in both real estate law and estate plans, making us uniquely qualified for your real estate planning needs. To learn how we can assist you with this complex legal matter, please contact our Miami law office to schedule your free consultation today 305-570-3259.