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Helping Clients Settle Complex Real Estate Transactions and Litigations

Florida real estate law pertains to an individual’s right to own and possess land, property, and structures on that land. In fact, these rights extend to the minerals and potential oil found beneath the land that is owned. Real estate, sometimes referred to as real property, is the building or structure built into, on top of, and below the land.

When buying or selling real estate property, be it commercial or residential, it is highly advisable that you seek professional legal counsel for legal advice. Real estate properties and the purchase or sale of those properties involve many moving parts, regulations, steps, and no small amount of money. Because of this, you want to ensure that your legal rights and responsibilities are properly taken care of by legal minds with experience in real estate law.

At our law firm, attorney Pedro Armando Perez-Roura and his highly skilled legal team have extensive experience representing clients in complex real estate cases, including the purchase and sale of real estate as well as real estate law litigation cases. In Florida, state law does not require you to retain a real estate lawyer for your real property closing or other steps along the way of your real estate purchase process. However, it is nonetheless highly recommended that you do so that everything goes smoothly and your legal rights are protected.

Perez-Roura Law offers prospective new clients a free initial consultation to discuss their case with the lawyer and his legal staff. To learn more about the legal services we offer, please contact our Miami law offices today to schedule your free initial consultation.

What Are the Differences Between Real Estate Law Attorneys and Real Estate Agents?

Real estate agents are more commonly recognized as part of the real property purchase and sale process. However, a real estate attorney has a similarly important role in the process, and it may be necessary to work with both professionals throughout your real estate transaction.

The role of a real estate agent is to interview their clients and understand their needs and goals in the market for real property in Florida. Once they have a clear understanding of what their client is looking for, the real estate agent begins their hunt. This may include scheduling property showings and answering questions and concerns of buyers. Eventually, the real estate agent will assist with the necessary paperwork and help plan inspections and other evaluations of desired properties. They will remain a valuable part of the buyer’s search for their desired real estate property and help them in the buying process.

Real estate law lawyers, on the other hand, help navigate the legal landscape of buying or selling property in Florida. There are several real estate laws that must be followed, and it may be asking too much for a typical home buyer or commercial real estate investor to stay on top of these ever-changing laws. A real estate law attorney can help you abide by Florida laws, prepare your purchase documents, conduct title searches, and be there at the closing of the deal.

What Legal Matters Does Our Law Firm Represent in Real Estate?

Our law firm provides legal representation in several different cases involving real estate law in Miami.

These include:

  • Bankruptcy.
  •  Commercial leasing.
  • Creditors’ rights.
  •  Financing.
  •  Foreclosures.
  • Land use.
  • Property tax litigation.
  • Real estate construction.
  •  Real estate property litigation.
  •  Real property acquisition and development.
  •  Tax structuring and entity formations.
  • Zoning.
  •  And more.

To learn more about our legal services, please contact our Miami law office to schedule a free case evaluation to discuss your unique legal issues.

What Different Real Estate Litigation Cases Do We Represent?

Led by experienced real estate law attorney Pedro Armando Perez-Roura, our highly skilled legal staff can assist you with several different types of real estate law litigation cases. Real estate disputes should be avoided if possible, but sometimes, things don’t work out that way. You need someone to represent your legal interests both in and out of the courtroom, and we recommend you contact our Miami office to schedule a free case review with our legal team.

Real estate litigation cases we represent include the following:

  • Actions to quiet titles.
  • Bank and financial institution lender representation.
  •  Breach of contract disputes
  •  Commercial and residential landlord/tenant litigation.
  •  Community Association disputes.
  • Condominium Association law.
  •  Cooperative apartment law disputes.
  •  Escrow deposit disputes
  •  Foreclosure defense.
  • Homeowner Association law.
  •  Lien foreclosures.
  • Mortgage foreclosure.
  • Partition of property legal action.
  •  Property damage disputes.
  •  Property insurance litigation.
  • Title III ADA defense litigation.

The decision to litigate your real estate case should not be taken lightly. If you wish to proceed, it is highly advisable that you retain professional legal counsel to represent your interests. Contact us to learn more about our competent, confidential, and compassionate legal services.

What Types of Property Does Our Firm Help With?

At our law firm, we represent clientele of all sorts in real estate law transactions and litigation cases. Because of this variety, we see a variety of different real properties in our legal cases.

These include:

  • Apartment complexes
  • Commercial developments and investment opportunities.
  • Condominium units.
  • Construction contracts and development opportunities.
  • Distressed property.
  • Hotels.
  • Medical-related developments.
  • Mobile home rental parks and RV parks
  •  Nursing homes, senior living facilities, and assisted living facilities.
  • Office buildings.
  • Residential developments.
  •  Resorts.
  • Shopping centers and strip malls.
  •  Single-family homes.
  • And more.

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Real estate law can be complicated, made even more so by the number of people involved and the amount of money changing hands. It is highly recommended that you only continue with your real estate transaction if you have professional legal representation in your corner.

Our law firm has extensive experience in real estate law in the city of Miami. We would be proud to represent your interests in your real estate transaction, regardless of your role in said transaction or litigation matter.

To learn more about our real estate law legal services, please contact our legal team for a free consultation, wherein we will discuss your case in more detail. You may call us at 305-570-3259.