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 Trust Administration


Expert Trust Administration Services at Perez-Roura Law

Trust administration is a cornerstone of effective estate management. At Perez-Roura Law, our expertise in Trust Administration is an integral part of our Estate Administration services. We offer meticulous oversight and guidance to trustees (and at times to beneficiaries), ensuring that the administration of a trust is performed with the utmost care and in strict accordance with Florida law.


Trust Administration involves managing and distributing a decedent’s assets that are held in trust, outside of the probate process. This service is crucial for trustees who have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of the beneficiaries and according to the terms set forth in the trust document as well as Florida law.

Ensuring Continuity for a Family Owned Business:


Highlighted Case Study

The family’s name and industry were changed to protect their privacy

Upon the passing of a business owner in South Florida, Perez-Roura Law was retained to help the trustee administer the family’s trust. With an operating business at stake, our firm meticulously managed the trust assets, adhered to complex directives, and navigated the interests of multiple beneficiaries, all while ensuring the business continued to operate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is Trust Administration?


A: Trust Administration is the process by which a trustee manages and distributes assets within a trust according to the trust document's terms, without court supervision.


Q: Why is Trust Administration important?


A: Trust Administration is crucial for ensuring that the settlor’s wishes are honored, beneficiaries are treated fairly, and all legal and tax obligations are met efficiently.


Q: Can Trust Administration avoid the probate process?


A: Yes, one of the primary benefits of a properly administered trust is that the assets within the trust typically bypass the probate process, allowing for privacy and potentially faster distribution to beneficiaries.

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"Its was a pleasure working with Pedro. He is well versed in multiple areas of law which makes him a great estate planning attorney. Thank you for making this complicated process easy."

Gus R.

Take the Next Step

Trustees have a significant legal responsibility, and the expertise of a skilled attorney can be the key to proper trust administration. If you are a trustee in need of assistance or seek to establish a trust with a strong administrative plan, Perez-Roura Law is here to provide the support and guidance required. Contact us today at (305) 359-3888 or submit an inquiry through our online contact form.

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